Gysela5D GYSELA5D: a code
GYrokinetic SEmi-LAgrangian in 5D


Permanent Staff

Julien Bigot

Julien Bigot is a computer scientist at the Maison de la Simulation working on:

  • parallel optimizations for the code;
  • programming model related concerns
  • software engineering aspects.

Guilhem Dif-Pradalier

Guilhem Dif-Pradalier is a Physicist working at CEA/IRFM.

Xavier Garbet

Xavier Garbet is a Physicist working at CEA/IRFM.

Philippe Ghendrih

Philippe Ghendrih is a physicist working at CEA/IRFM.

Virginie Grandgirard

Virginie Grandgirard is a mathematician working at CEA/IRFM and the lead developer of Gysela5D

Guillaume Latu

Guillaume Latu is a computer scientist working at CEA/IRFM and responsible for the parallelization of the code

Chantal Passeron

Chantal Passeron is working at CEA/IRFM on computer science aspects on the code

Yanick Sarazin

Yanick Sarazin is a Physicist working at CEA/IRFM.

Grad. Students

Thomas Cartier-Michaud

Damien Esteve

Damien Esteve is a Ph.D. student in plasma physics working on gyrokinetic interactions between ions species through turbulence framework.

Fabien Rozar

Fabien Rozar is a computer science Ph.D. student working on memory optimization of the code.

Former members

Jeremie Abiteboul

Jeremie Abiteboul is a former Ph.D. student in plasma physics, presently working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching (Germany).

Yue Dong

Yue Dong was a Ph.D. student.

Antoine Strugarek

Antoine Strugarek is a former PhD student in astrophysical and fusion-oriented plasmas. He is now a post-doctoral researcher in solar physics at the University of Montreal (Canada).

Olivier Thomine

Olivier Thomine was a Post-Doc. working on Fault tolerance and compression-based communication optimization.

David Zarzoso

David Zarzoso was a Post. Doc.