Gysela5D GYSELA5D: a code
GYrokinetic SEmi-LAgrangian in 5D


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 ===== Julien Bigot ===== ===== Julien Bigot =====
-[[http://​​|Julien Bigot]] is a computer ​science Post-Doc. ​at the [[http://​​|Maison de la Simulation]] working on: +[[http://​​|Julien Bigot]] is a computer ​scientist ​at the [[http://​​|Maison de la Simulation]] working on: 
-  * optimizations ​of the code targeted at the BlueGene/Q architecture+  * parallel ​optimizations ​for the code; 
-  * introducing some software engineering aspects ​in the code such as modularization based on a software components approach.+  * programming model related concerns 
 +  * software engineering aspects.